Powered by Pinpoint

This page, documents alphabetical list of organizations using Pinpoint.

Sites using Pinpoint

  1. Coupang (www.coupang.com)

  2. Echemi (www.echemi.com)

  3. HANATOUR (www.hanatour.com)

  4. NAVER (www.naver.com)

  5. NHN Entertainment

  6. Pikicast (www.pikicast.com)

  7. SKPlanet (www.skplanet.com)

  8. THE PIRATES(www.tpirates.com)

  9. Toss (toss.im)

  10. XLGAMES (www.xlgames.com)

Naver Co., Ltd. uses Pinpoint as primary APM. Monitoring 2k+ applications with 10k+ instances. Supports 870k+ tps with only 17 Pinpoint-Collectors. Around 70 billion span chunks are collected per day. Which is equivalent to 10 billion transaction.

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