What's New

What's New in v3.0.0

Key Features

Migrating to React

The front-end framework has been switched from Angular to React. For more details, see the issue.

Error Analysis

Enables detailed analysis of exception data collected by the agent.


New Inspector

Stores inspector data in Apache Pinot, replacing the previous system which stored data via Flink in HBase. For more details, see the issue. manual

Metric Storage Migration to Pinot

The storage system for metrics has been migrated to Pinot.

New Plugins

  • Support JDK HttpClient(java 11) #10656

  • Support ClickHouse #9794

  • Support Vert.x 4.5.0 #10534

  • Supports apache environment variables for Proxy Server Monitoring #9892

  • Improved support for Reactor(error, threading, retry, timeout) #10323, #10323, #10418, #10454

  • Improved support for Spring 6.x version #10832, #10615

  • Improve the error handling of spring tx #10492


  • Fix Web CallTree screen that only shows one child when kafka is in multichild state #9905

  • Fix Web Active Request chart where the value of the very slow item was constantly increasing #9958

  • Fix repeatedly logged HTTP response values in WAS (tomcat, jetty, etc.) plugins #10355

  • Fix node was a null value on the Web CallTree #10517

  • Fix out-of-sync status value in a multi-threading environment during kotlin tracking #10612

  • Fix destination DB was marked UNKNOWN at the time of MongoDb tracking #10940

  • Fix repeatedly tracked getInputStream() method calls when using the HttpURLConnection class with JDK HTTP calls #11057

Important Update Information

Spring Batch 5 Update This release includes an update to Spring Batch 5. Please note that schema modifications are required. End of support for hbase 1.x HBase1 support has ended. We recommend migrating to HBase2.

From version 3.x, the executable JAR files will be uploaded to Maven Central Repository.


What's Changed

  • [#9847] Prepare 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9848

  • [#noissue] Disable malicious test in mongodb-plugin-testweb by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9852

  • [#9784] Fix nginx variable t=$msec parse in Proxy-User module by @geministarshine in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9785

  • Update 2.5.1 release by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9857

  • Update 2.5.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9858

  • [#noissue] Fix proxy-user plugin test by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9855

  • [#9869] Separate pinpoint-web-frontend by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9870

  • [#9876] Unified naming convention by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9877

  • [#noissue] Converted websocket.xml to WebSocketConfig class by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9879

  • [#noissue] Enable monitoring agent-server-executor by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9881

  • [#noissue] Apply ConditionalOnProperty to InstallModule by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9884

  • [#noissue] Fix: start realtime on init-phase on scatter by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9887

  • [#9885] Apply ConditionalOnProperties to BasicLogin module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9886

  • [#9876] Unified naming convention by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9891

  • [#9882] Extract Grpc SSL Module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9883

  • [#9892] Update agent proxy-user plugin for apache format by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9894

  • [#9882] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9896

  • [#9893] Merge log4j2 configurations to a single file by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9895

  • [#8890] Implemented findClass in Java9ClassLoader by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9897

  • [#noissue] Refactor grpc ssl initialization by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9899

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9888

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9912

  • [#9913] Apply testcontainers to redis-lettuce-plugin-it by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9914

  • [#9915] Replace SocketUtils in springframework by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9916

  • [#9893] Remove unnecessary log4j configurations in collector starter by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9901

  • [#9905] Fix kafka on call tree view by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9906

  • [#noissue] Handle ByteString annotation values of protobuf by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9705

  • [#9920] Modify binary naming rule of agent-testweb to maven standard by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9921

  • [#noissue] Cleanup testweb by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9923

  • [#noissue] Add pinpoint-spring-boot3-testweb by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9926

  • [#noissue] Add spring-boot3-webflux-plugin-testweb by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9927

  • [#noissue] Added function names, idleness in flink by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9934

  • [#noissue] Remove color tag in log4j2 logging format except local by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9924

  • [#9893] Merge agent log4j2 profiles by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9935

  • [#9932] Reduce pinpoint-rpc dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9931

  • [#9922] Enhanced resource reclaimation in hbase2 client by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9933

  • [#9922] Separated flink-clean.xml by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9939

  • [#noissue] Removed hard-coded default agent profile by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9937

  • [#9666] Add redis pubsub atc,atc,echo by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9767

  • [#9666] Fixed redis-root.properties location by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9943

  • [#9666] Add redis pubsub atc,atd,echo by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9949

  • [#noissue] Fixed redis pubsub test by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9954

  • [#9893] Change filename log4j2.xml→log4j2-agent.xml by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9955

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9957

  • [#9893] Merge batch log4j2 configurations by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9961

  • [#9958] fix duplicated active trace by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9960

  • [#noissue] Applied dynamic property source to redis test by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9959

  • [#9666] Fixed redis properties by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9970

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9975

  • [#9893] Align Log4j2 loggingsystem lookup orders by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9976

  • [#noissue] Remove isParsed state of RouteResponse by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9977

  • [#9666] Fixed realtime to maintain valid value by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9978

  • [#9932] Remove thrift dependency of Agent module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9941

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9981

  • [#9893] Fix test failure due to changed log4j2 lookup filename by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9982

  • [#9932] Fix testcase failure by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9985

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9988

  • [#NOISSUE] fix test fail by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9995

  • [#9932] Remove thrift dependency of Tools module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9996

  • [#9989] Update maven-shade-plugin configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9997

  • [#9932] Rename directory name for thrift-datasender by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9986

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9998

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9999

  • [#9979] add pinot offline table ingestionConfig by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9980

  • [#9936] Update unsampled async request by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9987

  • [#9932] Remove thrift dependency of Collector module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10000

  • [#noissue] Fix cxf-it test by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10005

  • [#9983] Replaced most thrift DTOs into gRPC in realtime-module by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9984

  • [#9932] Replace with Netty4 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10007

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10017

  • [#10018] Suggest dynamic list of available agent profiles by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10019

  • [#10023] Improve reference release timing for GC by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10022

  • [#10026] Make TraceService, SqlMetaDataService abstract by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10021

  • [#10024] Update renamed batch configuration bean by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10025

  • [#noissue] Enhance server-map update in realtime by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10030

  • [#10035] Fixed agent list in active request by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10040

  • [#10041] Add collected uri type option for spans by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10042

  • [#noissue] Update README.md by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10038

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary HttpServletRequestWrapper by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10048

  • [#10049] Remove unnecessary resource locations by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10051

  • [#10049] Exclude etag from fingerprinted web resources by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10052

  • [#10041] Add auto option to profiler.span.collected.uri by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10044

  • [#9942] Add uri stat charts by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9947

  • [#10049] Apply cache & encoded resource resolver by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10054

  • [#noissue] Add missing image by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10055

  • [#noissue] Refactor GrpcSpanBinder by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10056

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10058

  • [#10049] Modify cache policy by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10059

  • [#10046] Added additional servlet registration /api/* by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10047

  • [#noissue] Update server-map layout manually as default by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10061

  • [#noissue] Show ptxid search on initial page by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10062

  • [#noissue] Reset period when it's out of range by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10063

  • [#10064] Add MaxResultsPerColumnFamily to prevent OOM by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10065

  • [#noissue] Refator HbaseTraceDaoV2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10066

  • [#noissue] Delete unnecessary assembly configurtion by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10067

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10069

  • [#10071] Fix NPE in GithubAgentDownloadInfoDao by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10072

  • [#noissue] Integrate AgentDownloadController into InstallModule by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10073

  • [#noissue] Simplify Controller configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10074

  • [#9597] add new inspector function by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10070

  • [#noissue] Restart fetching when back to the page in realtime by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10076

  • [#10077] Remove unnecessary @EnableWebMvc by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10075

  • [#10077] Remove duplicate spring beans by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10078

  • [#noissue] add use-suffix-pattern for *.pinpoint requests by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10082

  • [#10079] Propagate pubsub req cancellation by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10080

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10085

  • [#9597] Resolving duplication of bean names by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10094

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary applicationContext-web-hbase.xml by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10086

  • [#10046] Add /api/ prefix for api call by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10097

  • [#10046] Added prefix to websocket endpoints by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10096

  • [#10081] Added annotations for parameter validation by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10083

  • [#10099] Remove WebApplicationType.SERVET from Batch module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10100

  • [#10046] Removed unnecessary ws own prefix by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10104

  • [#10081] Added annotative param validations by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10106

  • [#10046] Add api prefix for websocket request by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10105

  • [#noissue] Enhanced getting userId from principal by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10111

  • [#10114] Apply jackson-module-parameter-names by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10115

  • [#10114] Remove unnecessary ObjectMapper by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10116

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10121

  • [#noissue] Unify chart response foramts for uri stat and system metric by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10098

  • [#9942] Add charts in url stat page by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10119

  • [#noissue] Apply ReflectiveOperationException by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10122

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10125

  • [#10114] Add Jackson Util by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10120

  • [#10117] Unified RestTemplate configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10118

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10126

  • Remove unnecessary line by @yuyivic in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10057

  • [#10123] Publish an event when inserting spans by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10124

  • [#noissue] remove unused code by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10135

  • [#noissue] Fix scatter data fetching condition by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10136

  • [#10088] Separate webhook module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10112

  • [#9666] Added null-check before converting thrift to grpc by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10138

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10139

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10137

  • [#9945] new api for server map right panel by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9946

  • [#10131] End of support for hbase 1.x by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10134

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary source by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10144

  • [#noissue] Added Logs to record route request by @LoggingResearch in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10140

  • [#10049] Apply compression in fe build by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10148

  • [#noissue] Add Event API to WebhookAlarmService interface by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10147

  • [#10131] Migrate HBase1 API to HBase2 API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10146

  • [#10149] Replace the junit4 test with junit5 by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10150

  • [#10143] Add batch jobs for uri stat alarms by @ghttps://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/navercorp/pinpoint/

  • pinpoint-web-starter-3.0.0-exec.jara-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10145

  • [#noissue] Change AnnotationBo to immutable object by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10153

  • [#10131] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10154

  • [#9666] Durable atc for delayed agent list query by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10156

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary boxing by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10155

  • [#NOISSUE] cleanup code by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10157

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10158

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10160

  • [#9631] Record SpanEventException in SpanRecorder.recordException() by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9632

  • [#9631] Updated submodule grpc/grpc-idl by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10161

  • [#9631] Turn off exception trace module in release profile by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10163

  • [#9631] Memory optimization by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10164

  • [#noissue] Cleanup SpanStorePublisher by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10167

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10169

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary tx:annotation-driven by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10171

  • [#10129] Remove logback dependency of zookeeper by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10174

  • [#10165] Use BootLogger to prevent recursive Appender call by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10166

  • [#10165] Cleanup agent logger configuration by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10168

  • [#9948] Replace non-unique sqlId with sqlUid by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9930

  • [#noissue] Optimize memory usage by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10178

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10181

  • [#9597] change reponse spec. Improved data parsing logic during dao calls by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10183

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10182

  • [#9948] Refactor SqlMetaDataService by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10185

  • [#9666] Moved realtime module from starter into basic by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10180

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10190

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary thrift classes by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10193

  • [##10131] Remove hbase2-module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10192

  • [#10131] Update link of Hbase compatibility table by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10194

  • [#noissue] Cleanup spring-kafka dependency by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10184

  • [#noissue] Rename SqlParser to SqlNormalizer by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10201

  • [#noissue] Added logs for responding pubsub demands by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10202

  • [#10205] Provides a function to configure the pinot broker list by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10206

  • [#9948] Add missing beans in batch module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10207

  • [#noissue] Remove ant_path_matcher configurations by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10204

  • [#noissue] Change xml config to java config in flink module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10212

  • [#noissue] Cleanup Batch configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10213

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10215

  • [#10208] Added channel module by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10209

  • [#noissue] Fixed typo by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10216

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10217

  • [#10210] Separate datasource module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10211

  • [#10218] Realtime ATC on redis can switch application by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10219

  • [#10210] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10222

  • [#10210] Update pinot configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10223

  • [#9631] Receive and send it to EmptyExceptionTraceService by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9640

  • [#9631] Pass handlers to constructor by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10224

  • [#9631] Fix type for GrpcAgentInfoHandler by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10225

  • [#noissue] Refactor UriStat module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10226

  • [#noissue] Cleanup InspectorWebApp by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10228

  • [#noissue] Cleanup UriStat Module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10229

  • [#noissue] Fix property source by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10230

  • [#10220] Add profiler.uri.stat.collect.http.method option to collect uri statistics with http methods by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10221

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10231

  • [#10232] Separated redis property sources by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10234

  • [#noissue] Simplify CompletableFuture by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10233

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10235

  • [#10236] Added redis KV channel by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10239

  • [#10149] Update plugin test launcher by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10242

  • [#10149] Rollback update plugin test launcher by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10243

  • [#10246] Fix missing leave() of ScopedInterceptor when an exception occurs by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10247

  • [#9636] Added log livetail feature by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10245

  • [#10248] Add StringPrecondition by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10249

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10250

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10251

  • [#10252] Improve Dynamic Registration of AlarmChecker by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10253

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10254

  • [#noissue] Refactored realtime, log by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10255

  • [#10244] Change serviceTypeCode type by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10258

  • [#10256] Removed rule of finalizing path for API with .pinpoint by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10257

  • [#noissue] Update pinpoint.banner.configs by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10260

  • [#noissue] Migrate mail settings from XML to java config by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10261

  • [#noissue] Refactored log by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10263

  • [#10149] Update plugin test launcher by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10267

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10271

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it testcase by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10272

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it classloader by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10273

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it lib filter by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10274

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it class-path filter by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10276

  • [#noissue] spring batch dependency cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10277

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it spring6 java version by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10279

  • [#9631] Add exceptionTrace Module by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9707

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it spring-6 disabled by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10281

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it spring 6 pom.xml by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10282

  • [#noissue] Changed realtime recentness into 5m by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10259

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it shared classloader by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10284

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it thrift-014 class by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10286

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it oracle driver by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10287

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it thrift forked by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10288

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it oracle19 forked by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10289

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it shared testcase target by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10290

  • [#noissue] Cleanup Inspector by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10280

  • [#noissue] Remove deprecated classes by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10296

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it debug by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10298

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10297

  • [#9945] add time aggregation to new servermap api by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10275

  • [#noissue] Refactor ApplicationMap module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10304

  • [#10397] Add NPE Check in Hbase plugin by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10306

  • [#noissue] Generalized rule of rewriting into front by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10305

  • [#noissue] Cleanup CommonComponent configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10312

  • [#noissue] Refactored redis features by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10309

  • [#noissue] Refactor MatcherGroup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10319

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it shared instance by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10321

  • [#10323] Update reactor error handler by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10324

  • [#noissue] Included v3 react front application by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10326

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it oracle19 fork by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10328

  • [#10331] add default destination agent Id by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10332

  • [#10333] Update reactor publishOn, subscribeOn options by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10334

  • [#noissue] Refactor PathRewriter by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10337

  • [#noissue] Cleanup CommonComponent configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10320

  • [#noissue] Refactor Web configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10344

  • [#noissue] Remove PinpointThreadPoolExecutorFactoryBean by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10346

  • [#noissue] change package name for pinot-batch by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10347

  • [#NOISSUE] logging for batch exception by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10354

  • [#10343] Removed cluster between web, collector by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10350

  • [#noissue] Moved atd controller into authed by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10356

  • [#9631] Cleanup Exception Trace Module by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10340

  • [#noissue] fix serverMapDataFilter on linkSelector by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10351

  • [#noissue] Fixed default atd service by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10359

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10360

  • [#noissue] Refactor Hbase configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10349

  • [#noissue] Remove preStartAllCoreThreads from ExecutorFactoryBean by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10361

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it spring 6 by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10364

  • [#10355] Fix servlet response http-status-recorder by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10357

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it forked java by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10370

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary logging dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10374

  • [#noissue] Restore jul-to-slf4j dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10376

  • [#noissue] Removed thrift in realtime by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10369

  • [#noissue] Refactor Executor Configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10375

  • [#noissue] Fixed realtime spring module by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10379

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10380

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10382

  • [#noissue] Cleanup ScatterProperties by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10381

  • [#noissue] Remove incorrect validation by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10383

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it mssql forked by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10384

  • [#noissue] Removed emit failure handler, enhanced emit order by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10387

  • [#10377] Add uri stat user input for tomcat plugin by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10378

  • [#10388] Created frontend-angular by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10391

  • [#NOISSUE] update datasource configuration by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10392

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10395

  • [#noissue] Update README.md by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10398

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10399

  • [#noissue] Cleanup maven build by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10400

  • [#noissue] Cleanup ExecutorProperties dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10393

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10402

  • [#noissue] Refactor HbaseConfiguration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10403

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10406

  • [#noissue] Updated grpc-idl by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10409

  • [#10358] Ensure className not null for module permission by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10396

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10410

  • [#9945] add apdex score for new serverMap by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10394

  • [#9631] Limit length of errorMessage for better stability by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10413

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10416

  • [#10371] Update child trace end point guard by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10373

  • [#noissue] Add logs by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10412

  • [#noissue] Refactor mybatis configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10411

  • [#10418] Update reactor threading by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10419

  • [#9631] Limit length of stackTrace strings for better stability by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10415

  • [#9631] Fix typo by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10421

  • [#9631] Limit length of errorMessage in groupBy for better stability by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10423

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it - mongodb and mybatis by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10426

  • [#noissue] Fix menu-switch on realtime by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10429

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it engine discover by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10430

  • [#10420] Removed PinpointNettyServerBuilder, Tracing gRPC logId by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10428

  • [#noissue] Fix when closing error popup on transaction-detail by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10434

  • [#10388] Added frontend forceclean by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10435

  • [#10431] Optional gRPC stat logging in agent by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10433

  • [#10350] Removed zookeeper tests by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10436

  • [#9631] Store errorMessage as the replaced string in the collector by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10432

  • [#noissue] Fixed unstable test: FluxCommandResponseObserverTest by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10438

  • [#10437] Update mark error of spring tx plugin by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10439

  • [#9631] Cleanup by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10441

  • [#noissue] Make UserGroup Serializable by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10443

  • [#10444] Upgrade SpringBoot3 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10445

  • [#10444] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10449

  • [#10444] Remove slf4j dependency, Add log4j2 logger to Netty by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10451

  • [#10444] Cleanup jakarta activation dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10452

  • [#10444] Cleanup Batch dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10453

  • [#noissue] Add build.frontend.skip profile for maven by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10455

  • [#10454] Update circuit breaker, retry, timeout of reactor by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10456

  • [#noissue] Fixed unstable publishing of collector state by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10446

  • [#10444] Remove javax dependency of jjwt by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10458

  • [#10444] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10460

  • [#10463] Major version changed from 2.6.0 to 3.0.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10464

  • [#9631] Change format long to String; spanId, exceptionId by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10466

  • [#noissue] Add /monitor/* to ServletRegistrationBean by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10465

  • [#9636] Added new livetail endpoints by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10457

  • [#noissue] update spotbugs-exclude by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10471

  • [#noissue] Cleanup deprecated Hbase API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10472

  • [#noissue] Cleanup deprecated Hbase API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10473

  • [#9648] Support uri stat for webflux router-handler by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10470

  • [#10481] Improved to operate normally according to profile settings by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10482

  • [#noissue] update spotbugs exclude for dto by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10483

  • [#9631] Check length of agentId by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10484

  • [#noissue] Migrate to use jdk base 64 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10485

  • [#10454] update reactor retry when by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10488

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10490

  • [#10454] Update resilience4j hook on error by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10491

  • [#9631] Use canonical name instead of simple name by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10494

  • [#noissue] Use path when indicating url, uri, path by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10495

  • [#10486] Add package name to class loading rule of agent classloader by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10489

  • [#9631] Use getName instead of getCanonicalName by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10502

  • [#10492] Update reactor mark error by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10493

  • [#9631] Change the name of groupBy attribute more user-friendly by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10503

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10501

  • [#10504] Geometry filter query in the mongodb is not traced by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10505

  • [#noissue] Add alpha postfix to version pattern by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10506

  • [#10444] Cleanup slf4j2 dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10508

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10509

  • [#10511] Update compatibility with slf4j 2.x version upgrade by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10512

  • [#noissue] Handle -px as stable release version by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10516

  • [#10517] Fix nodes is null in transaction info request by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10518

  • [#noissue] fix plugins-it failsafe failure ignore by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10519

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it failure ignore by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10521

  • [#10511] Cleanup slf4j 2.x dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10515

  • [#10496] reconnect on unexpected error by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10499

  • [#9631] Add tenantId for better performance by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10522

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it agent classloader filter by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10523

  • [#10046] Fix outdated url for timeline beta by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10525

  • [#9631] Add ApplicationServiceType in /transactionInfo by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10514

  • [#9631] Change annotation name; ExceptionLinkId to ExceptionChainId by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10526

  • [#10529] determine the behavior of individual batch jobs in the properties file. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10530

  • [#9631] Pass empty exceptionChainId if negative by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10533

  • [#6512] flink version upgrade by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10536

  • [#10531] Apply AsyncConnection of HBase by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10532

  • [#10534] Update vertx plugin to support vert.x 4.5.0 version by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10535

  • [#noissue] Add sqlstat web config properties by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10539

  • [#noissue] Update agentInfo error log format by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10538

  • [#10046] Fix server.error.path to include /api prefix by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10540

  • add clickhouse plugin by @wangjiee1 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9795

  • [#noissue] Remove property for thrift ip by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10546

  • [#noissue] Remove unused pinpoint-bootstrap-java8.jar by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10551

  • [#10547] add zgc as jvm gc type by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10550

  • [#noissue] fix scatter range setting bug and styles by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10554

  • [#10549] Add tests for Grpc converters by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10552

  • #10531 Reimplement HbaseTemplate based on Async API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10541

  • [#noissue] Remove mockStatic from testcase by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10564

  • [#noissue] Resolved collector tests by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10565

  • [#noissue] Fix test failures by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10569

  • [#10531] Enable nativeAsync by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10570

  • [#10547] add zgc(java gc) type to the agent by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10568

  • [#10566] Set the log level of ModuleBoot using system env by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10567

  • [#noissue] Set default pinpoint.modules.realtime.enabled to true by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10571

  • [#noissue] Added batch cache manager by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10572

  • [#noissue] Patched flink hbase config by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10573

  • [#10531] Improved exception handling by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10574

  • [#noissue] fix common lib in plugin it by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10575

  • [#10557] disable lettuce native kqueue transport by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10562

  • [#noissue] Throttled header propagation log by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10576

  • [#noissue] fix plugin it clear by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10577

  • [#10578] Add docker maven plugin by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10579

  • [#noissue] Capture context when throwing SpanInsertEvent by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10584

  • [#noissue] Import CollectorEventConfiguration in BasicCollectorApp by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10585

  • [#noissue] Cleanup naming conventions for server maps by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10586

  • [#noissue] Check logger is debug enabled by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10587

  • [#noissue] Explicitly declare PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer for flink module by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10588

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it resource clean by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10590

  • [#noissue] fix plugin-it netty and urlconnect by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10591

  • [#10531] Adjust cache timeout time of AsyncBufferedMutator by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10592

  • [#noissue] Use PropertyPlaceholderAutoConfiguration by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10594

  • [#noissue] Apply Pattern Matching by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10595

  • [#noissue] Parse collector args with spring shell by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10597

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10600

  • [#noissue] Resolve some spotbugs warnings by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10602

  • [#noissue] Replace Node and Link states with JsonView by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10598

  • Use GITHUB_OUTPUT envvar instead of set-output command as the latter is deprecated by @arunsathiya in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10581

  • [#10604] Mark multiple sql executions as error by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10596

  • [#10604] Move ExecuteQuery state to SpanEvent by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10621

  • [#noissue] Fix missing JsonView configuration by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10622

  • [#noissue] Remove Deprecated API of ServerMap by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10611

  • [#10615] Add new Main classes to SpringBootDetector by @nooose in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10616

  • [#noissue] Remove testng dependency by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10624

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10626

  • [#noissue] Attach executables as artifacts by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10623

  • [#noissue] Refactored live-tail by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10618

  • [#9631] Make errorMessage CLP encoded by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10606

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10629

  • [#10612] Fix kotlin coroutines dispatch interceptor by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10613

  • [#10549] Use MapStruct to Mapping model to Protobuf in agent by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10283

  • [#noissue] Remove thread local dependency of Span by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10635

  • [#noissue] Added prop source for flink by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10634

  • [#9597] add inspector api for application stat by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10636

  • [#noissue] Fix testcase failure by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10638

  • [#10637] Added trace method filter by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10639

  • [#10614] add steam task check by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10617

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10642

  • [#10640] Add node limit in ServerMap to prevent OOM by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10641

  • [#10549] Fix grpc async span chunk converter by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10644

  • [#9631] Integrate ExceptionContext lifecycle into ExceptionRecordingService by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10619

  • [#10605] Added cleanup inactive applications batch job by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10646

  • [#9597] add inspector api for application stat : heap, cpu, transaction, activeTrace, responseTime, fileDescriptor, totalThreadCount, directBuffer, loadedClass by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10647

  • [#10614] Fix stream task check by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10649

  • [#10605] Merged cleaning batch job by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10650

  • [#10605] Deprecated cleanupInactiveAgentsJob by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10654

  • [#10658] Fix Race condition of BatchAsyncHbasePutWriter by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10659

  • [#10656] Add java 11 httpclient plugin by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10661

  • [#10651] Changed transform api for plugin by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10652

  • [#10549] Refactor mapping AsyncSpanChunk to PSpanChunk by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10648

  • [#noissue] Fix kotlin-coroutines-it assertMethod by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10677

  • [#noissue] Changed default behavior for collector-starter into 'run' by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10678

  • [#10666] add span sampler for collector by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10669

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10676

  • [#10667] Removed 'boot' word from executable JAR by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10668

  • [#10680] Move starter modules outside from metric module by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10681

  • [#9631] Fix encoding of errorMessage_logtype by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10665

  • [#9631] Change /errors groupBy criteria by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10682

  • [#9631] Limit length of displayed GroupedFieldName by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10684

  • [#9597] add datasource api for application stat by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10685

  • [#9597] Insert the applicationName and tenantId values into the pinot's inspector data. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10686

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10687

  • [#noissue] rollback changes for reconnection by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10689

  • [#10643] Change behavior of disable option by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10645

  • [#9597] Enable alias operation for field name. Max data of nonHeap is also returned. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10690

  • [#9597] improve inspector module by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10694

  • [#NotAssigned] Support for Jetty Using Jakarta Servlet by @koo-taejin in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10664

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10696

  • [#4456] Typo correction by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10698

  • [#4456] Insert ID into tag in datasource data. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10699

  • [#9631] Record detailed exception startTime by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10691

  • [#4456] add apdex api for inspector page by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10702

  • [#4456] add apdex api for application inspector page by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10703

  • [#10701] Apply resilience4j by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10700

  • [#10704] Add a setting to control whether to activate the inspector function that stores data in hbase. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10705

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10709

  • [#10708] Add spring cloud sleuth by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10714

  • [#10711] Separate AsyncConnection from ApplicationMap by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10712

  • [#noissue] Changed default maximum-pool-size of hikari cp by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10715

  • [#noissue] Add agentId parameter to apdexScore api by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10716

  • [#9631] Use Clp Encoded errorMessage by default by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10720

  • [#9631] Replace internal terms with intuitive words by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10721

  • [#10725] Apply CompletableFuture to Pinot Async API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10726

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10728

  • [#10704] Improved the use of inspector data in pinot during alarm batch operation. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10730

  • [#NotAssigned] Removed getRawStatusCode() method for removal in Spring Webflux 6.1 by @VSFe in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10706

  • [#NOISSUE] edit Copyright format by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10731

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10729

  • [#10704] Increase query speed by adding the applicationName parameter to the agent API. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10734

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10733

  • Revert "[#NotAssigned] Removed getRawStatusCode() method for removal … by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10735

  • [#10693] Add enable option for grpc client reties by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10732

  • [#10737] Reduce DNS dependency of hostname API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10738

  • [#10723] Add ScanMetrics for Scan Performance Measurements by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10724

  • [#10739] Add hostname to PinpointErrorData for pinpoint web by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10740

  • [#10739] Cleanup by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10742

  • [#10723] Improved large scanner to read in chunks by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10744

  • [#10704] add sortKey about inspector data by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10745

  • [#NotAssigned] Removed getRawStatusCode() method for removal in Sprin… by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10736

  • [#10747] Replaced deprecated spring security methods by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10748

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10746

  • [#noissue] Cleanup redundant springboot.bootstrap.main by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10749

  • [#10704] Added per-table performance measurement and comparison logic to improve read speeds. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10751

  • [#10736] Separate dummy java class not to disturb spring-web dependency by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10752

  • [#10736] Remove dummy classes after install the plugin by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10753

  • [#noissue] Disable realtime in default by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10756

  • [#10736] Use maven-clean-plugin instead of exec by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10754

  • [#10757] Integrate agent module into a single module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10759

  • [#10736] Split spring-stub into separate modules by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10762

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10761

  • [#noissue] Update plugin-it path by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10764

  • [#10701] Add io.vavr dependency for resilience4j by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10760

  • [#10704] Added per-table performance measurement and comparison logic to improve read speeds. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10769

  • [#noissue] Remove 'JAR will be empty' warning by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10768

  • [#noissue] Fix plugin-it cassandra shared class by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10771

  • [#10772] Fix interceptor option in resttemplate plugin by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10773

  • [#noissue] Apply maven standard properties by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10775

  • [#noissue] Cleanup dependencies by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10763

  • [#noissue] Cleanup maven by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10777

  • [#noissue] Fix HBase2 compatibility by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10778

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10779

  • [#NotAssigned] Resolve issue for rewritten launcher on spring-boot 3.2 by @koo-taejin in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10663

  • [#noissue] Cleanup maven by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10781

  • [#noissue] Return empty string instead of 'total' by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10780

  • [#noissue] Cleanup Deprecated HBase API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10785

  • [#noissue] Fix maven build errors by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10789

  • [#noissue] Improve ARM64 compatibility of mysql-server-8 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10790

  • [#noissue] Improved ARM compatibility of integration tests by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10791

  • [#noissue] Replace inferring docker arch by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10788

  • [#8929] Migrate FE framework from Angular to React by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10792

  • [#8929] Refactor fe-v3 by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10793

  • [#noissue] Improved ARM64 compatibility by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10794

  • [#noissue] Cleanup Deprecated Api by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10782

  • [#10704] Increase API response speed by creating a separate application statistics table. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10800

  • [#noissue] Improve ARM64 compatibility of JNA and JNR by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10801

  • [#noissue] Improve ARM64 compatibility of zstd-jni by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10802

  • [#noissue] Fix plugin-it classloading and dependency by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10803

  • [#noissue] Cleanup testcontainers dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10799

  • [#noissue] Cleanup testcontainers dependency by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10805

  • [#noissue] Improve ARM64 compatibility of elasticsearch plugin test by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10806

  • [#noissue] Fix plugin-it forked required libs by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10808

  • [#noissue] Fix SpotBug Warning by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10810

  • [#noissue] Return the empty string as is by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10807

  • [#noissue] Fix inspector agent-datasource chart by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10809

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10804

  • [#noissue] Fix route query in switching pages by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10811

  • [#10757] Add pinpoint-plugins-test-module to agent-module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10813

  • [#8929] fix: FE (v3) package build order by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10797

  • [#10704] Improved to operate with inspectorStatV2 table using sortkey. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10815

  • [#noissue] Replace commons-logging with log4j2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10823

  • [#10757] Move testcase-module to agent-module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10824

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10825

  • [#10814] Prevent NPE when grpc status error message is null by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10816

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10827

  • [#10704] Improved query to use index to improve query speed by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10830

  • [#noissue] Added hbase client properties by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10831

  • Separate application statistical data from agent statistical data and store the data in a separate Kafka topic. Make sure the sortkey matches the partition exactly. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10837

  • [#10704] Code for performance testing and comparison are deleted. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10838

  • [#noissue] Handle PinotResultSet implicitly convert "null" to null by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10812

  • [#noissue] Cleanup GrpcSqlMetaDataHandler by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10839

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10843

  • [#noissue] Fix intermittent testcase failure by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10842

  • [#10840] Java Security is deprecated in java17 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10841

  • [#10757] Integrate agent-testweb into agent-module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10845

  • [#noissue] Resolve MapStruct warning due to protobuf unmapped target by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10847

  • [#10757] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10849

  • [#noissue] Linked application list cache by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10836

  • [#noissue] Fix SpotBugs warnings by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10850

  • [#10704] add segmentPruning function in application table config by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10851

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10855

  • [#10852] Rename PLogger to PluginLogger by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10853

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10856

  • [#noissue] Remove unwanted feature by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10835

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10857

  • [#noissue] Simplify OnClassLoader state by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10860

  • [#10704] Cleanup of code added to compare performance by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10863

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10862

  • [#noissue] Fix NPE of PluginTestClassLoader by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10864

  • [#10858] Add InterceptorHolder instead of InterceptorRegistry by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10859

  • [#10704] Attempts to improve performance and reduce disk utilization by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10871

  • [#noissue] Cleanup LocalDate API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10870

  • [#noissue] Cleanup Job&Process management by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10869

  • [#noissue] Eliminate unnecessary delay by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10873

  • [#10859] Fix interceptorHolder on bootstrap classloader by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10874

  • [#10866] Increase the coverage of the apiId cache by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10867

  • [#10704] fit test fail by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10876

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary threads by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10877

  • [#noissue] Remove duplicate code by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10878

  • [#10865] Added param serviceTypeName by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10868

  • [#10865] Pass serviceTypeName when querying agent-list by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10875

  • [#noissue] Fix incorrect date display by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10881

  • [#10704] Modify the logic so that the long type sortkey is properly assigned a partition. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10891

  • [#noissue] Fix realtime agent & Feat threadDump page by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10884

  • [#noissue] Change last-selected app setting key by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10892

  • [#noissue] chore: fix package version by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10893

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10902

  • [#noissue] Add Java8 Date/Time type to PluginLoggerAdapter by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10903

  • [#noissue] Apply Java8 Date API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10905

  • [#noissue] Add inspector menu in v3 by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10907

  • [#noissue] chore: fix agent list UI by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10908

  • [#noissue] Apply Java8 Date API by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10906

  • [#10704] Improved so that data in tables created with long type sortkey can be viewed by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10909

  • [#noissue] Add timeout to Elasticsearch IT by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10911

  • [#noissue] Update plugin-it method name by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10914

  • [#10859] Fix interceptor holder log NPE by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10904

  • [#noissue] Export missing component by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10915

  • [#noissue] feat: add applicationList interface for few pages by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10916

  • [#noissue] Add limit to String.split by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10910

  • [#noissue] Add custom hbase-schema-path by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10917

  • [#noissue] Update v3 bundler version by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10920

  • [#noissue] Fix loading favorite app-list by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10921

  • [#noissue] Fix oracle 19 GssCredential by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10926

  • [#10704] Create a minute unit statistical data table for agent by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10927

  • [#noissue] Fix inspector route loader by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10929

  • [#10704] After completing the performance comparison, temporarily comment out the code. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10938

  • [#noissue] Replace class with record by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10937

  • Modify create-dockerfiles.yml by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10939

  • [#10934] Add time range check to uri stat controller by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10935

  • [#10944] Improve RangeValidator by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10945

  • [#10940] Fix mongodb reactive streams driver interceptor by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10941

  • [#10578] Update project paths by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10949

  • [#10944] Use RangeValidator to check the search time. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10950

  • [#noissue] fix error boundary by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10930

  • [#10944] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10953

  • [#10940] Move the class location to avoid loading the class in web to… by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10951

  • [#noissue] Add codecov token by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10957

  • [#10940] Fix mongodb mongodbClient constructor by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10958

  • [#noissue] fix servermap numaric display by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10931

  • [#10934] Use RangeValidator to check range in uri stat controller by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10960

  • [#10704] stored data separately in multiple tables to improve reading speed by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10963

  • [#noissue] feat: add date format settings by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10946

  • [#noissue] Change inspector max date-range by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10962

  • [#noissue] Unify Range class across common-server and metric-module by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10961

  • [#10944] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10965

  • [#noissue] Fix view-servers display control by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10968

  • [#noissue] Add v3 build script by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10922

  • [#10704] select tables based on hash value when looking up data. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10970

  • [#noissue] Fix plugin-it fork shared dependency by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10971

  • [#noissue] Add missing base-path by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10972

  • [#noissue] Replace class with record by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10947

  • [#noissue] Fix oracle19 ojdbc8 forked test by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10973

  • [#10976] Limit concurrent hbase put requests to prevent OOM by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10977

  • [#noissue] Remove Unnecessary boxing by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10978

  • [#noissue] Cleanup SpotBug Warning by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10979

  • [#noissue] Convert static field OPTIONS to non-static by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10980

  • [#noissue] Add loglevel check by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10981

  • [#noissue] Check Range with given parameter by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10982

  • [#noissue] Remove duplicate mappers by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10983

  • [#noissue] Upgrade codecov action by @kojandy in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10985

  • [#10704] optimize query. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10987

  • [#10704] validate collected time by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10988

  • [#10966] Create virtual nodes for non-WAS ServiceType by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10967

  • [#10966] Pass additional params for agent-list api by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10989

  • [#10966] Pass additional params for agent-list api in v3 by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10990

  • [#10976] Fix acquire leak by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10991

  • [#9631] Add new optional parameter filters to errorList API by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10986

  • [#noissue] Cleanup hashcode by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10999

  • [#10900] change spring batch schema because spring batch version has been upgraded. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11001

  • [#noissue] Remove duplicate code in ServerMap by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11002

  • [#noissue] Update secret token name for create-dockerfiles.yml by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11006

  • [#11005] Update getMethod compatibility of spring-webflux by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11008

  • [#11004] Removed legacy channel api supports by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11007

  • [#10976] Add additional spanPutWriter by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10998

  • [#noissue] fix view-servers scatter chart bug by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11000

  • [#10704] change the CPU value to a percentage number by changing the scale by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11011

  • [#noissue] Refactor ResponseTimeStatics by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11014

  • [#noissue] Cleanup ServerMap by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11010

  • [#10704] improved batch to work on a multi-table basis by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11013

  • [#10704] deleted the logic operating based on a single table and improved the multi-table operation to be the default by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11016

  • [#noissue] refactor collector span sampling by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11015

  • [#noissue] Fix view-servers chart-data fetching api by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10994

  • [#10704] change the servicetype code to servicecode name for readability. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11020

  • [#noissue] Unify TimeWindow related classes across web and metric by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11019

  • [#11021] Add JsonFields for dynamic json field names by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11022

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11023

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11025

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11026

  • [#noissue] feat: application link button for sidebar of Error, Inspector, Url page by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11024

  • [#noissue] chore: change colors import by @BillionaireDY in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11029

  • [#noissue] Apply guava Ordering by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11030

  • [#noissue] Change data-source chart data key by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11031

  • [#noissue] Fix load chart by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11028

  • [#noissue] Remove unnecessary gojs license by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11032

  • [#11021] Apply JsonFields by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11027

  • [#noissue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11035

  • [#10704] update table schema by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11037

  • [#issue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11036

  • [#10704] change the URL because the module name is prefixed to the URL. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11039

  • [#10704] sort the order of data to improve user readability. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11040

  • [#issue] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11038

  • [#10704] change the url format to rest api. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11042

  • [#10704] edit application metric config by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11043

  • [#noissue] Change inspector api path by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11044

  • [#10704] set the format of the agent inspector table name. by @minwoo-jung in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11046

  • [#9631] Cleanup by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11041

  • [#9631] Correct string handling as originally intended by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11048

  • [#11047] Add multi-table script for inspectorStatAgent table by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11049

  • (#11055) refactor: remove space by @seunggabi in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11056

  • [#11057] Fix getInputStream() loop in jdk http plugin by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11058

  • [#11033] Change default UI to v3 by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11034

  • [#11052] Fix Caffeine Executor to not use jdk common pool by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11054

  • [#11052] Cleanup by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11059

  • [#10976] Replace AtomicInteger in ConcurrencyLimiterHelper with Semaphore by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11060

  • [#10723] Add maxConcurrentAsyncScanner option by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11061

  • [#11062] Change url info in pinpoint error data by @ga-ram in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11063

  • [#noissue] Fix filteredMap merge logic by @binDongKim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11064

Dependency Update

  • [#9861] Remove invalid gson dependency from hbase2 module by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9862

  • [#9873] Update mvnw to 3.9.1 by @smilu97 in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9874

  • [#9889] Bump log4j from 2.17.2 to 2.20.0 by @intr3p1d in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9890

  • [#9910] Bump maven core from 3.8.6 to 3.8.8 for plugin test by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9911

  • [#9950] Bump maven-surefire-plugin from 3.0.0-M7 to 3.1.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9951

  • [#9952] Bump maven-compiler-plugin from 3.8.1 to 3.11.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9953

  • [#9964] Bump maven-resources-plugin from 3.2.0 to 3.3.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9965

  • [#9966] Bump maven-enforcer-plugin from 3.0.0 to 3.3.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9967

  • [#9968] Bump maven-jar-plugin from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9969

  • [#9971] Bump jacoco-maven-plugin from 0.8.6 to 0.8.10 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9972

  • [#9973] Bump maven-assembly-plugin from 3.3.0 to 3.6.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9974

  • [#9989] Bump maven-shade-plugin from 3.1.1 to 3.4.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9990

  • [#9993] Bump maven-dependency-plugin from 3.4.0 to 3.6.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9994

  • [#9991] Bump build-helper-maven-plugin from 3.2.0 to 3.4.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9992

  • [#10014] Bump google-guice from 5.1.0 to 7.0.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10015

  • [#10036] Bump groovy-maven-plugin from 1.5 to 2.1.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10037

  • [#10090] Bump springframework from 5.3.24 to 5.3.28 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10091

  • [#10092] Bump springboot from 2.7.7 to 2.7.13 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10093

  • [#10102] Bump hbase-client from 2.4.11 to 2.4.17 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10103

  • [#10107] Bump maven-clean-plugin from 3.1.0 to 3.3.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10108

  • [#10109] Bump frontend-maven-plugin from 1.12.0 to 1.13.4 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10110

  • [#10129] Bump hbase2 client from 2.4.17 to 2.5.5-hadoop3 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10130

  • [#10132] Bump maven-surefire-plugin from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10133

  • [#10237] Bump ASM from 9.4 to 9.5 for JDK21 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10238

  • [#10313] Bump spring-kafka from 2.9.4 to 2.9.11 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10314

  • [#10315] Bump guava from 31.1-jre to 32.1.2-jre by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10316

  • [#10352] Bump maven failsafe plugin from 2.22.2 to 3.1.2 by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10353

  • [#10467] Bump spring-kafka from 2.9.11 to 3.0.12 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10468

  • [#10474] Bump snakeyaml from1.33 to 2.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10475

  • [#10476] Bump spotbugs from to 4.8.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10478

  • [#10477] Bump pmd from 3.16.0 to 3.21.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10479

  • [#10476] Bump spotbugs from 4.8.1 to by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10480

  • [#10497] Bump grpc from 1.49.2 to 1.59.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10510

  • [#10543] bump asm from 9.5 to 9.6 by @jaehong-kim in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10548

  • [#10555] Bump spring-kafka from 3.0.12 to 3.0.13 dependencies by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10556

  • [#10560] Bump byte-buddy from 4.8.1 to 4.11.0 dependencies by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10561

  • [#10582] Bump pinot jdbc client from 0.11.0 to 1.0.0 by @donghun-cho in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10583

  • [#10670] Bump json-path from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10671

  • [#10674] Bump spring framework from 6.0.13 to 6.0.16 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10675

  • [#10672] Bump spring-boot from 3.1.5 to 3.1.8 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10673

  • [#10783] Bump tiny-log from 2.1.1 to 2.7.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10784

  • [#10786] Bump testcontainer from 1.17.6 to 1.19.7 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10787

  • [#10795] Bump commons-compress from 1.21 to 1.26.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10796

  • [#10817] Bump micrometer to 1.12.4 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10818

  • [#10819] Bump junit from 5.9.3 to 5.10.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10821

  • [#10820] Bump jackson from 2.15.2 to 1.16.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10822

  • [#10846] Bump lettuce from 6.2.3 to 6.3.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10848

  • [#10879] Bump commons-pool2 to 2.12.0 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10880

  • [#10885] Bump springframework from 6.0.16 to 6.1.5 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10886

  • [#10887] Bump spring-boot from 3.1.8 to 3.2.4 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10888

  • [#10889] Bump spring-cloud to 4.1.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10890

  • [#10894] Bump spring-security from 6.1.4 to 6.1.8 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10895

  • [#10896] Bump spring-data to 3.2.4 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10897

  • [#10898] Bump grpc from 1.59.0 to 1.62.2 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10899

  • [#10912] Bump mybatis from 3.5.13 to 3.5.16 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10913

  • [#10900] Bump spring-batch from 4.3.7 to 5https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/navercorp/pinpoint/

  • pinpoint-web-starter-3.0.0-exec.jarhttps://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/navercorp/pinpoint/

  • pinpoint-web-starter-3.0.0-exec.jar.1.1 by @emeroad in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10901

New Contributors

  • @geministarshine made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9785

  • @kojandy made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9705

  • @yuyivic made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10057

  • @LoggingResearch made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10140

  • @wangjiee1 made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/9795

  • @arunsathiya made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10581

  • @nooose made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10616

  • @VSFe made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/10706

  • @seunggabi made their first contribution in https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/pull/11056

Full Changelog: https://github.com/pinpoint-apm/pinpoint/compare/v2.5.1...v3.0.0

Upgrade consideration

HBase compatibility table:

Pinpoint VersionHBase 1.xHBase 2.x
















Agent compatibility to Collector table:

Agent VersionCollector 2.0.xCollector 2.1.xCollector 2.2.xCollector 2.3.xCollector 2.4.xCollector 2.5.xCollector 3.0.x

























































Additionally, the required Java version to run each Pinpoint component is given below:

Pinpoint VersionAgentCollectorWebFlink




































Supported Modules

  • JDK 6+

  • Supported versions of the * indicated library may differ from the actual version.

TitleInstrumented LibraryMinMaxComment
















Java Async Thread



SpringMVC Framework




Spring Web




Spring RabbitMQ




Spring IBatis




Spring MyBatis


























Google HTTP Client












Apache HttpAsyncClient




*Akka HTTP












































Jackson Databind




MariaDB Connector/J




MongoDB Java Driver








Datastax Java Driver












*Commons DBCP




*Commons DBCP2










*Oracle JDBC Driver


*PostgreSQL JDBC Driver










Apache CXF



















































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