Latest Snapshot



Download Pinpoint with git clone or download the project as a zip file and unzip.
Install Pinpoint by running mvnw.cmd install -DskipTests=true


If you run QuickStart's cmd file on Windows, you must run it at quickstart\bin directory.
If you want to run it in a different directory, you need to set the absolute path of the quickstart\bin directory in the QUICKSTART_BIN_PATH environment variable.

Install & Start HBase

Download HBase-1.0.x-bin.tar.gz from Apache download site) and unzip it to quickstart\hbase directory.
Rename the unzipped directory to hbase so that the final HBase directory looks like quickstart\hbase\hbase.
Start HBase - Run start-hbase.cmd
Initialize Tables - Run init-hbase.cmd

Start Pinpoint Daemons

Collector - Run start-collector.cmd
TestApp - Run start-testapp.cmd
Web UI - Run start-web.cmd

Check Status

Once HBase and the 3 daemons are running, you may visit the following addresses to test out your very own Pinpoint instance.
You can feed trace data to Pinpoint using the TestApp UI, and check them using Pinpoint Web UI. TestApp registers itself as test-agent under TESTAPP.


Web UI - Run stop-web.cmd
TestApp - Run stop-testapp.cmd
Collector - Run stop-collector.cmd
HBase - Run stop-hbase.cmd